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Clip Jacket – Avoid getting clipped

6 Jan

Dont get clipped when riding at night

Dear Internet,  thank you for the inspiration.

This is the same concept as the boink bag but put into a jacket.  All my parts were sourced from (they rock) Jacket is excellent because the signal indicators tell you what is going on with the lights.  They blink and pulsate while avoiding the “backpack zone” of the garment.  There are two key improvements to this over past designs:   #1 Using a sewing machine with conductive thread makes the circuit better and less prone to failure.  #2 Bringing everything closer to the power supply increases the brightness and battery life.

Thank you again for feedback and sharing.

– CyLights


(Video) “Boink!” your bag & avoid getting “boinked” by a car

5 Jan

Quick demo video of the boink bag.  Cycle runs for 10 flashes when indicator is activated on each side.  More improvements to the design and layout are coming but wanted to share with yall.  

CyLights Boink Bag

4 Jan

Made the prototype for Cyclists after many requests.  The bag has some patent pending tech in it and sports lateral “boink” pads to indicate when turning.  In passive (non “boinked” turning) mode the bag blinks.  Video to come soon.   Thank you to Instructables, Arduino and Leah Buchley.

Hello world!

4 Jan

Hello World,

This is my little side project for open source experimentation and tinkering.  If you like what you see – please share or give feedback.  If you dont like what you see – please let me know because the internet should be happy.