About CyLights

Hello Folk Of The Internetz,

This site is for people who love bikes and doing things outside / at night.  After 25 years of tinkering around with batteries, light bulbs, and resistors in my Dad’s basement workshop, I moved to DIY open source projects and designs.  All of the projects are built to protect a person from having an accident in the dark (on a bike or other exposed transportation device).  Every product is made from off-the-shelf parts and few items are patented which allows you to try your own hand in creating a LED-lit device.  As we continue to develop unique and quirky bicycle light systems, jackets, bags, and modification kits we appreciate your feedback. Show us your prototypes and projects! If you have any ideas or suggestions for new prototypes and want us to give them a try, please email us!

If you like to build things, do it!  If you like to bike, do it!  If you want to buy something that we’ve built, email me and you can buy it! If you want to build it yourself, email me and I can show you where to get the parts.

Thank you for being curious and I look forward to hearing from you.

Julian Erickson




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